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The Loh'li and the Immortal Soul - Chapter 2
The meadow sparkled like jewels as the morning sun peeked over the hills, casting its golden light through the tall trees. Flynn had never seen this place before. He just appeared here suddenly on the edge of the meadow looking out to a vast valley with mountains so far away they looked like distant clouds. Birds were whistling their joyous melodies and butterflies were warming themselves in the sunlight atop the grass and on the trees beside him. He was sure he’d never been here before, but he had an odd feeling, like he had just returned home after being away for what felt like a lifetime.
He walked into the meadow and stopped. The brisk air in his lungs, the warmth of the sun on his face. Yes, this was familiar—somehow.
“There you are, Flynn.”
He knew that golden voice. Flynn reeled around. Standing before him was a tall woman draped in white from head to toe, and where there should have been a face radiated a bright, white light that glimmered like an evenin
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The Guardians of Azkarale: Book 1 unofficial DC by twipplestoast The Guardians of Azkarale: Book 1 unofficial DC :icontwipplestoast:twipplestoast 1 0
The Loh'li and the Immortal Soul - Chapter 1
On the bank of the river, Flynn slouched with his rod in one hand and his head cradled in the other, his line forgotten as he tried to drown out the incessant rambling beside him.
It was not working.
His twin cousins were bickering about something like they always did whenever they weren’t causing mischief. Flynn had forgotten what they were squabbling about and it seemed like they did too. What made it worse was that they were identical in every way, so it just sounded like someone arguing with himself.
It was just another ordinary day in the rather unordinary life of this poor loh’li. He had brunet hair that was always untidy and bright, green eyes. Like any loh’li, he had a lion-like tail and long ears that were just slightly taller than his head, and although loh’lis are short, he was shorter than most at just under three feet tall. But he wasn’t like the others at all, for he was the son of the colony chief and that meant one day he would take over.
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Tenebrosus by twipplestoast Tenebrosus :icontwipplestoast:twipplestoast 17 11
Chapter One: The Ancient Shadow Returns (part two)
“What are the Attaré doing here?” whispered Azaleas. They never came unless something was very, very important.
But before Arion could answer, the queen of Azkarale, Enodia Renal, gave two loud knocks of her gavel upon the arm of her throne. All fell silent as she stood and she said:
“I am sorry to have summoned you hither at such short notice, but ill news has come from the Far North and these urgent matters cannot wait for our convenience.
“This morning, a courier came from Rohshire bearing news of the northern campaign and of the troubles that our ally, King Berenger Marish, faces in such a feat. Regrettably, Western Lagûlith has fallen to the rule of the Shadows—not a week ago, I fear.”
The room echoed with whispers of uttermost astonishment and dread. This was ill news indeed and not what anyone expected.
It was then that Guarel, a master Soul Guardian and physician, took to the stage. “How is this possible? Last we heard was tha
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Chapter One: The Ancient Shadow Returns (part 1)
The Guardians of Azkarale: The Rise of the Ancient Shadow
Chapter One: The Ancient Shadow Returns, part 1

Today held special significance in the city of Azkarale, for this was the day that the soldiers were returning from their long, six-month patrol in the Heartland. Wartime was a terrible thing, because it always had everyone on edge for the fear that their loved ones would never return. Especially for one young lad whose only family was that man he called father.
Having turned eleven one month ago, Arion Avalyndi was frightened of most everything and timid towards what he was not, and that, unfortunately, included people. But in his world of make-believe, he was the bravest soul the world had ever seen, slaying ghastly creatures and foes and saving the people (it was usually those who hated him most) from their sordid grip. He was weird and brash, although most would describe him as jovial and rotten, making a stink of things wherever he went.
What did not help was whe
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The Storm
Across fair mountains and untamed lands
Through the vale glass rivers dance
For darkened clouds and winds of might
There shone a flash of pure white light
There came a crack and roll of thunder
The tree of Gale was torn asunder
But lo! there came from down the hill
Men with swords and flashing mail
The wind brought warning, its music woke
Unwearied they fought, the woodland folk
No star and moon, through driving rain
With might they fought like wolves untamed
Yet one stood tall, he stood alone
With bow in hand on carven stone
One by one the Darkness he fell
To keep from harm that little dell
O, the Light, where might it be?
To cast its rays on people free
The Darkness came, like bees they swarmed
Unhindered by sword and raging storm
Then lo! at last the clouds gave way
And shone forever fair Light of day
Upon green mountains their horns rang loud
For death of Shadow the people sang proud
Alas! on carven stone he lay there still
As if still guarding that precious hill
Now on mountains n
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Are We Not The Wind?
The wind is forever free. Those who attempt to catch it in a jar are disappointed when they turn the lid and it no longer blows. It cannot be captured, it cannot be tamed; it cannot be told where to blow or how hard or why—it just does.
Why are we so different? Why do we allow ourselves to be caught in a jar and told where to go and how to think? Are we not so independent as the wind? We listen to the voices, but not the Voice; the harder it blows the more desperate it is to command your attention. It is shouting for you, but you are too deaf to hear.
Instead, you have followed the road where the wind does not blow, the road that has been mapped for you. Have you not learned? The wind has no map, no predetermined destination. It begins and ends where it should, because it is destined. Because it is free.
Do you not remember freedom? I blow all around you; I shout for you to come with me—to run with me—and still you hold the key to your own shackles, the shackles you a
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Twipple the Loh'li by sharkie19 by twipplestoast Twipple the Loh'li by sharkie19 :icontwipplestoast:twipplestoast 12 17 TRofAS - The Legion by keelerleah by twipplestoast TRofAS - The Legion by keelerleah :icontwipplestoast:twipplestoast 34 21 Poco Kings Excalibur by twipplestoast Poco Kings Excalibur :icontwipplestoast:twipplestoast 7 6 The Guardians of Azkarale Illus. by keelerleah by twipplestoast The Guardians of Azkarale Illus. by keelerleah :icontwipplestoast:twipplestoast 18 19
When Twipple Discovers Toast . . .
It was with great length that the food came piping hot and in portions enough for two. The meal was rather hearty; a large portion of roasted, wild boar, tender and juicy, and a quarter of baked cabbage, seasoned to perfection and so tender that your fork sliced through like butter, and each had a large glass of fresh, cold milk. Twipple was, of course, more than pleased with his plate. Three full glasses of milk he drank, one right after the other, and he stuffed his face, eating so fast that you might have thought of him getting a dreadful stomach ache! Even so, the meal was hardly enough to satisfy his hunger. He now sat in silence as he eyed Arion’s half eaten plate with hungry eyes.
Finally, he asked, “Are you going to finish that?”
Arion opened his tired eyes. He sat alone on the opposite side of the table, leaning against the pillar with his hands folded behind his head and his legs stretched down the bench. “No,” he replied, closing his eyes again,
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Mini (STOCK) by twipplestoast Mini (STOCK) :icontwipplestoast:twipplestoast 3 3 Mini Ninja by twipplestoast Mini Ninja :icontwipplestoast:twipplestoast 9 2
A New Adversary (excerpt)
            At first it seemed that Rényn would continue walking on, and Twipple and Azaleas thought it safe to relax a fraction. Suddenly the Dark Guardian quickly spun round, and in an instant had disappeared. Brutal and merciless was the barrage of attacks as Rényn suddenly appeared before Arion, striking viper-like at the Soul Guardian’s head and chest with a flurry of vicious blows, lashes, and blasts of red energy emanating from his dark palms. Arion’s reaction was swift. He began blocking Rényn’s attacks with his shield and arms; quickly ducking and transporting from the path of the Dark Guardian’s furious attacks. Adrenaline coursed through Arion’s veins, he no longer felt the pain of his injuries, but his body was stiff and abilities rather weak; it had been a while since he had last used his abilities to such an extent, and even longer since he had been forced to move so
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Little Owl by kimsokol Little Owl :iconkimsokol:kimsokol 156 9 Moana by sharkie19 Moana :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 3,950 75 Ratatouille Redraw by sharkie19 Ratatouille Redraw :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 2,253 108 one year 091516 by SaraPlutonium one year 091516 :iconsaraplutonium:SaraPlutonium 139 9 i literally cant think of a title sorry 011317 by SaraPlutonium i literally cant think of a title sorry 011317 :iconsaraplutonium:SaraPlutonium 30 13 Burn With Me by tatiilange Burn With Me :icontatiilange:tatiilange 59 3 Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) by Shuploc Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) :iconshuploc:Shuploc 480 17 The Cumber Batch by Shuploc The Cumber Batch :iconshuploc:Shuploc 905 71 White Winged Lion by anna-lakisova White Winged Lion :iconanna-lakisova:anna-lakisova 2,569 94 [Patreon Reward] Lost Empire by tatiilange [Patreon Reward] Lost Empire :icontatiilange:tatiilange 262 13 Hail to the King by tatiilange Hail to the King :icontatiilange:tatiilange 332 19 Skyhigh by tatiilange Skyhigh :icontatiilange:tatiilange 808 66 CM - Bengal Light by fjorgael CM - Bengal Light :iconfjorgael:fjorgael 481 37 Hanji Zoe by AoiTorix Hanji Zoe :iconaoitorix:AoiTorix 80 8 CM - Catgirldstr11 by fjorgael CM - Catgirldstr11 :iconfjorgael:fjorgael 126 21 Baby Odin by klungart Baby Odin :iconklungart:klungart 5 2


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I'M IN NEED OF AN ARTIST WITH SIMILAR STYLES TO GRYPWOLF, TSAOSHIN, AND ALECTORFENCER. Yes, all caps. That's how important this is to me. My plan is to make a mini, live graphic novel series of the first four chapters of my current fantasy novel, "The Loh'li and the Immortal Soul." It will have voice actors, light animation, video and sound effects, etc.. Once I sell a few things, I'll have the funds for this project, but I will take the time to find the right artist, as style is very important to me. No traditional comic styles; they just won't work with the theme/style of this project. If you know of anyone who'd be willing to take on the challenge, please let me know! :)
I posted this to my Facebook a bit ago and thought I'd post it here as well. Took me 45minto write ON MY PHONE. Enjoy. :meow:

Okay, so I recently rewatched the Avatar: The Last Airbender series and finally watched The Legend of Korra. If you're a fan of Korra you may as well stop reading this, because it will most likely piss you off. And if you know me and how I'm a sucker for story, you should find this entertaining.

Okay, so in the first series, Aang as the Avatar was born into the air nomads, and in that series, the hardest element for him to learn was earth, because, as it was explained, earth is the opposite of air just like water is the opposite of fire, so earth was hard for him to bend because it was the opposite from his natural element.

But in The Legend of Korra, the writers ignored this completely. Fire should have been Korra's opposite element as a waterbender, but no, air was her struggle, because, "the element opposite of ones personality is the hardest for them to learn." .....really..?

And then there's the spirits. The Avatar is the "bridge between the spirit world and the physical world," and in the original series, only the Avatar could cross over. Not in Korra, nope, turns out anyone can just walk right in IN PHYSICAL FORM by traipsing through the "spirit portals." Sooo... What's the point of the Avatar being the bridge between worlds when anyone can access them?

This part made me want to scream.. In season two of Korra, we get a little history lesson on the first Avatar. Now, before I continue, in the original series, it's explained that the first waterbenders learned to control water by watching how the moon pushed and pulled the tide, the airbenders learned from the sky bison, firebenders from dragons, and earthbenders from badger moles. In Korra....ohh... In Korra the writers completely ignored the original series and changed the history to, the benders got the power to control the elements by... giant lion turtles.... Not that they learned as originally explained, but that they were given these abilities. Also, the power of the Avatar was given to them by a spirit, which makes sense, but how it was written ruined the idea of the Avatar for me. This "new" history, for me, cheepend the whole Avatar universe.

Now I'm going to get nitpicky. In season three, we have airbenders who suddenly show up out of nowhere. Not only that, but they somehow know how to control the element BETTER THAN THE AVATAR right away, when it took Korra weeks to master it. To me, this makes Korra as the Avatar weak and nearly pointless, which brings me to my next topic.

The Avatar State. Aang in the Avatar State was extremely powerful and defeated Firelord Ozai with ease at the end of the series. (Skip to 5:05…) But Korra IN THE AVATAR STATE couldn't defeat a newfound airbender who became a master as soon as he spontaneously aquired the element? And don't give me the, "well she was poisoned," gag. The Avatar State is a defense mechanism which gives the Avatar the combined power of all the past Avatars; she should have easily defeated Zaheer. But in TLoK, the Avatar State is more like a level one power up.

Now, in the original series, the culture was much different from our own. But in Korra, the line between our modern culture and that of the four nations in The Last Airbender, is muddled. In a world that's vastly different from our own, I find it more appealing for cultures to be wildly different, and Korra lost that appeal for me with the similarities.

While the character development in Korra was good, although I found Korra annoying, the script felt forced and like the writers were trying to bring the same level of comedy (that was natural and effortless) that The Last Airbender had. Some parts did make me laugh, but I cringed most of the time.

In short, the two series didn't feel like they belonged in the same universe, rather like someone made a cheep knockoff series from the original; they ignored their own history (a big no no) and changed so many things around just to fill in the plotholes for TLoK series because they were too lazy to rewrite a plot that aligned with the original universe.

No, I did not like it, and yes, I want to watch The Last Airbender again to cleanse myself of this infuriating monstrosity known as The Legend of Korra.
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My brain really is an athlete. :intardnet: by LeoLeonardo

As an avid writer of high concepts since 2010, I love a fancy fantasy that will surely tickle the fanny, especially if that fancy fantasy is set in the challenging era of the medieval world. With only my wit, pen and paper, and the cat patting at that pen as it strokes the page, I work tirelessly to achieve that one goal: to one day see my book in the hands of young readers where its lessons on morality can be put to good use. A former video editor in my high school years, I work closely with young video editors and writers, helping them find that unique voice in both the visual and written arts. Although my list of qualifications is of microscopic size, I still take pride in the fact that one day my work will challenge the way we view the world.


An in-depth look into my youth
Back in '06 - '07, I was an excellent writer. I was able to create stories right off the top of my head and have a short synopsis within a matter of minutes. I even wrote out an entire 60k word fanfiction in a notebook by hand! My grammar was nearly flawless. I was a year away from graduating high school, when suddenly I broke my nose.

Now of course this is no reason to drop out. It's what ensued. In short, I went in for surgery, got it fixed (supposedly) and was sent on my merry way. Then, a few months later when working on a writing assignment, I realized that I couldn't remember anything. After a few weeks of this, I finally went in to see a natural doctor, who then discovered that the anesthetic had messed up my brain. As reported to me, the left side was left practically asleep, only able of motor function.

For two years I was in a major detox. Because of everything that happened, nearly everything that I learned from the 7th grade and up was wiped clean from my memory. Of course, I was devastated and dropped out of school. My writing ability, my straight A's in algebra, gone.

Needless to say, the critical thinking side of my brain has been damaged. Words come slow, my speech is slurred; I see it, I know it, but it's nearly impossible to express it into words. So, I became a writer--again. And it's all thanks to this wonderful story, The Guardians of Azkarale, for had God not put it on my heart to bring to life I would never be where I am today.

A special thanks to my friend :iconvalentinosonic: for taking the time to read over my manuscript and helping me during this frustrating time in my life. :tighthug: And also thanks to the characters, Arion Avalyndi, Azaleas Crisamo and Twipple the Loh'li for taking me to a world where time stands still and giving me more imagination than I ever thought possible. Without them I wouldn't be. ~:heart:

Very good journal. READ IT
What's Wrong With Praise?So this is another one of those artistic taboos we're never suppose to talk about, apparently. The idea of giving back positive feedback to an artist. It's seen as "coddling" as "babying" as "inflating the ego" and has such intense negative associations. It seems to be generally accepted that the only way to critique someone's work is to point out ONLY the negative parts. Any attempt to point out anything positive or something you liked about the work is seen as being unhelpful towards the artist's growth.
And frankly I think that's a bunch of hogwash.
Speaking from my own experience, I rarely ever get anything positive said about my work in a constructive way. I might get a lot of "good jobs" or people talking happily about my comics because they made them laugh, but I rarely if ever get any comments that go into detail explaining WHY I did something right. On the flip side, the amount of negative criticism and nitpicking is almost hilariously rampant, not just on my artwork but on th

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